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TMG Corporate Services / The Mediator Group Contracts & Compliance Documents

QUAESTA - Real Time Information

The Mediator Group developed QUAESTA, an industry leading portal, to implement timely and effective two way communication with our clients. With QUAESTA, our clients are capable of reviewing the status of processes in progress and can review cases at will. Clients can also intervene in the process by adding comments and suggestions; varying instructions; providing opinion on new information; or attaching files to our internal case histories. QUAESTA addresses some of the main issues that challenge our industry; that being timely and effective client communication; client self service and transparency of process.

Data Protection / Privacy in the EU & the USA

EU Data Protection law and USA Data Privacy law (and similar laws in other jurisdictions) protect individuals from the misuse of their personal information. These laws regulate the collection of data, the storage of data, the use of data, the cross-border transfer of data and the disposal of data. TMG Corporate Services / The Mediator Group is fully compliant with the relevant Data Protection legislation in all the jurisdictions in which we operate. The legislation in these jurisdictions is considered to be the most effective of any equivalent legislation in operation elsewhere and as such we are confident that regardless of our future expansion or the requests of our clients that we will meet and exceed expectations with respect to Data Processing and Data Control.

Data Protection Compliance - United Kingdom

TMG Corporate Services / The Mediator Group is registered under the Data Protection Act with The Ministry of Justice, Information Commissioners Office (ICO) under registration number Z2974989. The Company complies with the Data Protection Act (DPA), 1998.

Data Protection Compliance - Ireland

TMG Corporate Services / The Mediator Group is registered with the Data Protection Commissioner in Ireland under Registration No. 12319/A. The Company complies with the Data Protection Acts, 1988 and 2003.

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