Asset Location, Tracking, Recovery & Repossession

Regardless of location TMG Corporate Services have a market leading record of locating and recovering end of lease, out of terms, stolen, hidden or mis-appropriated assets. TMG Corporate Services / The Mediator Group trace, sight, recover, store and repatriate / dispose of:

  • High value plant & machinery of all makes and dimensions;
  • Industrial equipment, installed equipment, equipment on location and operating in factory, industrial or marine environments;
  • Aircraft, helicopters and aviation ground services equipment;
  • Marine Recovery Services - recovery of vessels adrift, in dry dock, at port, at sea or hijacked;
  • Farm machinery and equine equipment;
  • Recovery of military / government equipment in high risk / conflict / marginal zones;
  • High value motor vehicles / prestige vehicles (cars);
  • High value / high performance motorbikes and specialist racing grade motorbikes;
  • Pleasure craft & trailers; caravans, motorhomes and family vehicles.
Specialized Staff & Support Services

TMG Corporate Services / The Mediator Group offer clients a range of support services to facilitate asset location and recovery;

  • Specialist lifting and power assisted cutting equipment;
  • Engineers, Mechanics, Fitters, Locksmiths, Specialist Welders and Drivers;
  • Close Protection Security (Armed & Unarmed (where applicable and allowable));
  • Support Staff including planning, administration and public relations;
  • Oversized / outsized asset transportation including permit applications and liaison with local government in all EU jurisdictions;
  • Guarded convoys and escorts;
  • Sea freight charter service;
  • Real time "always on" communications and reporting from the field.

Risk & Cost Benefit Analysis

TMG Corporate Services / The Mediator Group act for clients in the specialist areas of debt book work outs, risk analysis, cost benefit analysis and valuations including debt book purchase Return on Investment assessments and due diligence. In addition the following services assist our clients in realizing maximum value from their investments:

  • Debt book work outs, risk analysis, cost benefit analysis and valuations;
  • Debt book purchase Return on Investment assessments and due diligence;
  • Pre-liquidation & insolvency related information gathering including asset value estimates & recovery cost analysis;
  • Insolvency related asset identification and recovery analysis;
  • Toxic debt asset recovery for high ticket assets;
  • Contested repossessions / hidden asset recovery / confrontational recovery environments;
  • Recovery of stranded and/or misappropriated assets;
  • High risk operational environments and conflict zones;
Proven Operating Procedures

TMG Corporate Services / The Mediator Group plan and execute all assignments based on the following operating procedures, as required:

  • Surveillance & Preparation (only required for high value plant and machinery / complex assignments with an international element and where multiple items are being acquired for a single client from the same debtor);
  • Site Visits / Asset Sighting to include photographic evidence & valuations (typically as part of the legal process / repossession proceedings);
  • Recovery & Storage (standard option suitable for most clients);
  • Disposal or Repatriation of Stranded Assets (as applicable based on the terms of reference received from the client).

TMG Corporate Services / The Mediator Group maintains a fleet of standard and specialized recovery vehicles and equipment to meet the needs of the most complicated recovery operation. In addition we maintain several secure, alarmed and monitored storage locations in the United Kingdom, Ireland and mainland Europe for the staging and storage of high value items pending disposal or repatriation.

Managing Risk in Complex Environments

TMG Corporate Services / The Mediator Group operate globally in managing risks for organizations and addressing unforeseen challenges that arise from time to time - especially in more marginal operating environments - sample engagements of this kind including tracking the unapproved movement of high value plant & machinery in West Africa; locating and repatriating the assets of an international engineering firm from multiple jurisdictions in Eastern Europe; repatriating the stranded assets of an international company from the conflict in Syria; locating misappropriated assets of an oil company in the delta region of Nigeria.

TMG Corporate Services have carried out complex assignments in Iraq, Egypt, Guinea Bissau, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand and Pakistan to secure stranded assets for multi-national organizations. These engagements typically also involve cases of fraud / theft, have cross-border elements and are supported by our specialized strategies to recover / secure assets including liaison with law enforcement and intelligence services where appropriate or requested.

TMG Corporate Services / The Mediator Group act for entities including Governments - Civil & Military, Aviation Firms, Commercial Asset Finance Companies, Banking & Insurance Companies, Hire Purchase Companies, Insolvency Practitioners - Liquidators, Receivers, Administrators and so on.

QUAESTA - Real Time Information

The Mediator Group developed QUAESTA, an industry leading portal, to implement timely and effective two way communication with our clients. With QUAESTA, our clients are capable of reviewing the status of processes in progress and can review cases at will. Clients can also intervene in the process by adding comments and suggestions; varying instructions; providing opinion on new information; or attaching files to our internal case histories. QUAESTA addresses some of the main issues that challenge our industry; that being timely and effective client communication; client self service and transparency of process.

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