Crisis, Identity & Reputation Management

TMG Corporate Services / The Mediator Group offers a suite of Identity Management and Reputation Management services to private individuals, corporate clients and organizations. The firm specialises in the application of tools and techniques to manage crisis PR events that result in the publication of negative commentary on clients. The firm does not offer services to develop a profile for clients.

The services on offer are reactive rather than proactive in nature. Drawing on skills in the search engine optimisation, electronic counter measures, ethical hacking and digital forensics domains TMG Corporate Services / The Mediator Group provides a rapid reaction identity and reputation management service in crisis situations. The objective is to isolate and control access to any negative content by driving the provider (in an online context) down search engine rankings, implementing a link building strategy for alternative positive information sources and by liaising with social media platforms to disable access to defamatory, inaccurate or inappropriate content. Positive references to clients are promoted and additional content generated to counter the footfall and credibility of the negative commentary.

After the implementation of a reactive identity management programme TMG Corporate Services / The Mediator Group provide an ongoing reputation management plan to monitor the reputation of clients while continuing to address content which is viewed as damaging including preparing and submitting “cease and desist” orders and "take down" notices, as appropriate. If the source of negative content is acting illegally TMG Corporate Services / The Mediator Group offer clients a suite of services including ethical hacking methods, spam bots and denial-of-service attacks to force illegal content sources offline. The service extends to the identification and exposure of “black hat” hackers, when requested.

Graham Penrose, Penrose (Graham), PCASP, AES-512 (GRP: CLOSED: profile green-mobile), [Algiers, Algeria]