Extreme Logistics

TMG Corporate Services provide Extreme Logistics to assist with the storage and transport of high value cargo, sensitive cargo, hazardous materials and monitored commodities. In that respect knowledge of and the ability to monitor the changing landscape with respect to compliance is an important part of our service offering. TMG Corporate Services offer:

  • Storage and Transport of High Value Cargo / Sensitive Cargo / Hazardous Materials / Monitored Commodities;
  • Specialists in the management of Wide Loads / Abnormal Loads / Oversized Loads;
  • Transport to Conflict-Marginal-Hostile Regions by Land, Sea and Air;
  • Wet and Dry Bonded Transport;
  • Extreme Lifting / Dis-Embarkation Services;
  • Route Surveying, Permit Management, Export Licenses and Traffic Management;
  • Armed and Unarmed Escorts & Close Protection Services (PSD/CPO);

Graham Penrose, Penrose (Graham), PCASP, louis.cypher.tech AES-512 (GRP: CLOSED: profile green-mobile), [Algiers, Algeria]