Surveillance Services & Fraud Investigations

TMG Corporate Services / The Mediator Group provides a suite of surveillance services to meet the needs of even the most complex requirement. Fully trained surveillance teams are available to provide static or mobile covert surveillance to support the investigative objective. Our trained teams have an in-depth understanding of the complexities involved in providing accurate, effective and admissible information to support litigation and other requirements.

Supporting Litigation

The Surveillance Unit at The Mediator Group offers its services to organizations and individuals. We provide Surveillance Services to our clients for a variety of reasons which normally involve the observation, monitoring and documenting of a subject's behaviour, day to day activities or lifestyle. Sample engagements of this type of surveillance include:

  • Monitoring the movements and lifestyle of a subject to establish a profile to support the decision making process with respect to a "go" / "no go" decision for litigation; in other words is the subject a "mark" and in the event of litigation will they be in a position to pay the damages / compensation / meet the costs if awarded against them;
  • Monitoring the activities of employees of companies suspected of being engaged in fraudulent activity; activities that are contrary to the terms of their employment; activities that are not in the best interests of their employer; activities that are grounds for dismissal for good cause; other activities that are not consistent with the terms of employment contract;
  • Surveillance is also used to compliment desktop research and discrete enquiries when preparing debtor profiles, company profiles, lifestyle reports, background checks and pre-employment checks.

Managing Risks for Clients - Globally

The Mediator Group and TMG Corporate Services operate globally in managing risks for organizations and addressing unforeseen challenges that arise from time to time - especially in more marginal operating environments - sample engagements of this kind include:

  • Monitoring the movements of the international couriers of a diamond mining company;
  • Performing counter surveillance activities for a South East Asian government;
  • Tracking the activities of an alleged group of international fraudsters in Spain, Switzerland, UAE and Russia;
  • Tracking the unapproved movement of high value plant & machinery in West Africa;
  • Locating and repatriating the assets of an international going concern from multiple jurisdictions in Eastern Europe;
  • Monitoring the movements of employees of a commodities trader allegedly engaged in fraudulent activities;
  • Monitoring the movement of tobacco products from a producer in Southern Europe;
  • Repatriating the stranded assets of an international company from the conflict in Syria;
  • Locating and reporting on the condition of several employees of an oil company caught in the Libyan conflict;
  • Locating misappropriated assets of an oil company in the delta region of Nigeria;
  • Assignments in Iraq, Egypt, Guinea Bissau, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand and Pakistan to secure stranded assets for multi-national organisations.

Surveillance to support Asset Location & Recovery

The Mediator Group recovers cars, vans, motorbikes, high value plant & machinery, farm machinery, equine equipment, prestige vehicles, pleasure craft & trailers, caravans & motorhomes or family vehicles. Regardless of location The Mediator Group has an impressive record of locating and returning end of lease, out of terms, stolen, hidden or mis-appropriated assets to their owners. We provide the following services to clients as appropriate, depending on the project:

  • Surveillance & Preparation;
  • Recovery & Storage;
  • Disposal or Repatriation of Stranded Assets;
  • Site Visits / Asset Sighting to include photographic evidence & valuations.

The Mediator Group maintains a fleet of recovery vehicles to meet the needs of the most complicated recovery operation. In addition we maintain several secure, alarmed and monitored storage locations in Ireland and the UK for storage of high value items pending disposal or repatriation.

Methods & Tools

Surveillance is the most focussed and hands-on aspect of investigation and our trained teams use the latest technology and techniques to capture and document their findings - clearly and concisely. Our teams use specialised audio, video, photographic, infra-red, low light, cellular and GPS technology to assist in gathering supporting information to meet the client requirements. Field agents provide information gathered from field work in real time via satellite links to QUAESTA (see below for brief description of QUAESTA). Our centralised staff then analyse this information and determine whether data from field reports provides validation for or refutes the information already held or whether the information represents actionable leads to progress the assignment on behalf of the client. Mobile surveillance teams typically operate as two person units - a driver/spotter and an equipment operator - although multiple configurations are available and vary widely depending on the assignment type, location and objectives.

QUAESTA - Real Time Information

The Mediator Group developed QUAESTA, an industry leading portal, to implement timely and effective two way communication with our clients. With QUAESTA, our clients are capable of reviewing the status of processes in progress and can review cases at will. Clients can also intervene in the process by adding comments and suggestions; varying instructions; providing opinion on new information; or attaching files to our internal case histories. QUAESTA addresses some of the main issues that challenge our industry; that being timely and effective client communication; client self service and transparency of process.

Graham Penrose, Penrose (Graham), PCASP, AES-512 (GRP: CLOSED: profile green-mobile), [Algiers, Algeria]